Desktop Wallpaper Construction Kit App Reviews

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Not what I thought it was

I can’t figure out how this app works. All I can do is open up images while in the app in preview—can’t find them when I go to sys pref. > desktop > change.

Worth the 0.99

Not a bad app but if it was more then 99 cents, I'd have to pass. Overall, it does what it says. Those complaining about not being able to "stack" icons on the shelves, turn off the snapping feature and place them manually. I wish this app had a few more options, like wall texture, flooring and even lighting. I'd pay a buck extra for that. Overall, an "ok" app.


Good App… It does exactly what it says… You CAN put your folders on the shelves, you just have to turn off the snap to grid under "show view options". It will not snap to the shelves, but you will have to move the icons to the shelves.


Dont fall for the though of being able to use the shelves

deceiving description

This is merely wallpaper. It seems implied that you can actually stack your files and folders on the shelves. You can not. When you go to the developer's site, it does show you the product that does allow you to that. For 14.99. This is a real scummy way to do business - a variation on bait and switch. Shame on you.

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